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Connecting & Inspiring

Discovering Opportunities - Inspiring Leaders


Delivering tailored workshops that focus on customer needs; that include, business futures, growth transformation, risk mitigation and entrepreneurship.


Offering ‘1 on 1’ mentoring for business managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and motivated people who actively seek alternative approaches to regular techniques and processes


Engaging the audience through uncovering the personal journey of inspiring business leaders, we uncover what it takes to overcome adversity and how struggle created opportunities

team building

Using proven techniques from successful businesses, we assist groups in finding ‘like minded’ approaches that generate strong and equal bonds which target ‘trust’ in a team environment

About Us

Equipped to Discover is the '1 Stop Shop' for Business Transformation
We Specialise in Bringing Ideas out of the Shadows

The focus and direction of 'Equipped to Discover' is to provide diverse integration of business capabilities; encouraging business growth, entrepreneurship and fostering a business culture that creates long term success stories with sustainable growth trajectories.

We engage inspirational leaders to deliver our core message:
(1) To Drive Structured Business Control, (2) To Communicate Methodical Business Management, (3) To Uncover Innovation and Opportunities, (4) To Explore Creative Pathways for Business Futures.

  • Controlling your business in a manner that governs operational sustainability

  • Providing proven techniques and insight into 'fit for purpose' management

  • Bringing ideas, concepts and perspectives into discussion to unlock hidden opportunities

  • Creating a method to capture future growth trajectories with targets and objectives

Our Partners

We enjoy building working relationships with 'like minded' partners...

Collaborative Partnerships

Undertaking such a wide scope of skills with tailored benefits requires the collaboration with various industry and skill specific partners.

Innovative Projects

We are actively pursuing opportunities to engage innovative solutions for widespread benefits for our collaborative partners and customers.

“Creativity Blooms in the Face of Adversity” – Geoff Pike

Our partners recognise that sustainability is the foundation for resilience, we are determined to add value to every customer, every project, every collaboration and every opportunity that we discover.


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